We are a practice-oriented team with diverse cultural roots and expertise in the education sector. We have extensive experience with daily life in Berlin schools and can thus recognize when it is necessary to intervene, and know which professional resources are available to assist processes of conflict management and resolution.

FIKO has created a range of workshops, training courses, seminars and further education programs to share our knowledge with schools and teachers. We focus on the conception and realisation of innovative programs to improve career orientation, and further education in conflict management and resolution. We see education as a living, changing process and our social interaction with it must constantly change.

Our network consists of education institutes, economic partners and creative individuals in Berlin. Working together allows us to quickly recognize synergies and take advantage of them for the benefit of all involved.

FIKO is a signatory of the Charta der Vielfalt (Charter of Diversity). The working environment of our organisation is free of prejudices. We believe experiencing, appreciating and empathizing with diversity have a positive impact on us and on German society.

FIKO has been awarded with the Start-Up Label from Berlin’s Technical University.

FIKO is certified with DIN ES 9001 and AZAV and legally qualified for further education training.

Learn more about our services for schools and teachers as well as our current offers and projects on the following pages.